Most dogs enjoy traveling in the car, and there are a few other pets that can tolerate the adventure. When you're traveling with your pets in Midlothian, try to keep a carrier or crate on hand to keep your pet safe. This can also provide a sense of comfort for your pet if they feel agitated or afraid.

Avoid letting your pet sit in the front seat. If you're in an accident, it's possible for the airbag to deploy, which can cause your dog to get injured. Hyman Bros. Kia can show you various seat belt options for your dog or other pet that can keep them safe in the back seat.

Make sure your pet has the proper identification on a tag on its collar. Your name, phone number, and vet details should be included. Getting your pet microchipped is an option to consider as well when you're traveling in the event that your pet gets away from your car.


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