Gaskets: What Are They and What Is Their Function?

We want you to be as informed as possible about how your vehicle functions. From us here at Hyman Bros. Kia to you, here is a fact page to educate you about the gaskets on your vehicle.

What Is the Function of a Gasket?

The function of a gasket is to hold in fluids and keep parts airtight. Gaskets can be made from a few different kinds of materials including multi-layered steel, rubber, and copper. All gaskets eventually fail, but performing regular maintenance can help prolong their life. Make sure to always use manufacturer recommended fluids when servicing your vehicle to avoid damaging the gaskets.

What Is Gasket Failure?

?If there is fluid leaking out from underneath your engine this could be a sign of gasket failure. This can be a serious issue if you don't take care of it immediately. Bring your vehicle to us in the Midlothian area for all vehicle service needs.


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