Signs Your Vehicle's Ignition System Needs Professional Service

You must keep your vehicle's ignition in peak condition. The key to accomplishing this vital objective is obtaining service on your vehicle's ignition promptly when needed. There are key signs that you need to be aware of that indicate ignitions service needs to occur.

A commonplace sign your vehicle needs ignition service is nothing happening when you turn the key. This can mean that your vehicle's solenoid is not working. The solenoid is the element that transmits electricity from the battery to the starter motor. If you hear a grinding sound when you turn your vehicle's key, you may have an issue with a worn-out starter drive gear. If you smell or see smoke, you may have an electrical problem with your ignition.

If you need ignition service, contact us at Hyman Bros. Kia. We're located conveniently in Midlothian and can schedule a service appointment based on your needs.


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