The fuel system is one of the most important components of your car. If the system is malfunctioning, your car will not run right, if at all. Therefore, it is critical to have your system serviced regularly. If you want a full service of your fuel system, here is what you can expect.

Today's fuel systems are much easier to service than the old carbureted systems from generations ago. However, the system still requires maintenance. A full service includes a complete chemical cleaning of the system and repairing or replacing any faulty components. A chemical cleaning will remove any deposits left behind from fuel constantly being replaced in your gas tank. A full-service also includes the replacement of your fuel filter. If your fuel injectors or fuel pump are starting to show signs of wear, your mechanic may recommend that you have them replaced.

If your fuel system is ready for a cleaning both inside and out, schedule an appointment today at Hyman Bros. Kia.



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