Find Out Why Tire Rotations Are So Important

At Hyman Bros. Kia, we want Midlothian drivers to know why tire rotation is such an important part of their ongoing tire care. When you pay for a new vehicle or a new set of tires, this routine maintenance is key for getting maximum performance and value from your purchase. It is also a critical part of optimizing your tires' lifespan.

Evenly Spread Wear Across All Four Of Your Vehicle's Tires

Tire rotation ensures that ongoing wear gets evenly spread across all four tires. What many people don't know is that the specific position of each tire entails a specific amount of give. For instance, much of the friction and torque that's applied during turns, braking, and accelerating will be absorbed by the front tires of front-wheel drive autos. As such, the treads on these tires will invariably wear down faster. By having them rotated on a regular basis, it's possible to spread this wear out. This way, all four tires will last longer, and your front two tires won't wear out before the rear ones do.

Retain Your Tire Warranty

It's also important to note that regular tire rotation is often essential for retaining the warranty on your tires. Uneven wear caused by neglect in this area could cause your warranty to become null and void. Thus, not only will you have to replace your tires sooner, but you'll also have to cover the entire cost out of pocket. Stop by Hyman Bros. Kia today to discover the best schedule for rotating your tires and to have your vehicle serviced.



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