Backup Cameras: What are They?

We at Hyman Bros. Kia love to show off the new safety technology that comes is offered in new cars today. Whether you drive around Midlothian to run errands or take many business trips out of town a month, you will notice a difference in how safe you feel with a backup camera.

Too Close

A backup camera is a great way to get an alert if you are too close to an obstacle. You can be backing up out of a driveway, or parking and your backup camera will show you how close you are. Many vehicles have an alert system that will sound if you are too close.


Hooking up a trailer to haul items is much easier with a backup camera. It will show you if you are lined up properly. This eliminates the need for someone guiding you through the process. You will accurately know how far away from the trailer you are and where you need to be to hook it up easily.



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