Winter Tires are for Winter Only

How often should you change your tires? There's no one answer to that question if you're looking at a wheel's wear-and-tear and its lifespan. However, Hyman Bros. Kia wants to you understand why seasonal tire maintenance works in your favor.

Places with harsh winters are a challenge to navigate without winter tires. Made for colder temperatures and roads that are icy or covered in snow or slush, these tires have softer rubber for more flexibility. They grip the road better, which helps you stay safer whether you're driving around Midlothian or someplace else. These tires are not made for warm weather.

Flexible rubber wears out quicker on warm, dry pavement. That extra flexibility that helps in winter decreases tire performance when it's warm. Keep those winter tires on year-round, and they will wear out faster, which means you will likely end up buying new tires sooner.



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