When to Get Your Exhaust Checked

Here at Hyman Bros. Kia, we care about the safety of you and your passengers when you are out on the road. An exhaust leak can become a dangerous situation if the toxic fumes released by your vehicle's motor start making their way into the cabin of your vehicle. So how can you tell if your vehicle is leaking exhaust?

First, start your vehicle. It is easiest to notice the signs of an exhaust leak while he motor is running. Notice the steering wheel. Does it feel shaky? This could be a sign something is not quite right in your exhaust system. Go around behind your vehicle while it is still running and listen to the sounds coming from the tailpipe. If you hear a whistling, hissing, or popping sound; it could mean you have an exhaust leak.

If you suspect your vehicle may have an exhaust leak or any other problem, we welcome you to bring it in to our dealership for servicing.



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