Staying Safe When Bicycles Are On The Road

Motorists are encountering bicycles on the road more and more frequently. A lot of people want to get some exercise and save on fuel costs. It's important to practice safe driving when bicycles are on the road. If motorists and bicyclists will both follow some safe practices, everyone on the roads will be safer.

When drivers see bicyclists on the road, drivers should slow down. It's much easier to react at a slower speed. Drivers should only pass a bicyclist when they can give the bicyclist at least three feet of space as they pass. Always check for bicyclists when making a turn.

Bicyclists also need to implement some safe practices out on the road. Bicyclists should always ride with a light on in low-light situations. Those riding bicycle should always obey the traffic laws. They should always signal when turning and stop at all of the designated stop signs and stop lights.



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