Should I Change My Oil if I Don't Drive That Often?

If you haven't driven your car the requisite number of miles suggested for your next oil change, you might be tempted to ignore the other half of the recommendation, which includes a time limit, often of six months. Mechanics warn drivers not to overlook the time element, because your oil will still be subject to contamination even when you're not driving.

Your engine benefits from oil in a variety of ways, from its lubricating properties to its ability to carry away dust and debris. In cars that don't drive many miles, the oil doesn't stay in a pristine state. Things like water vapor and sludge build up regardless of whether you're driving or not, so adhering to the suggested time for changing your oil is the best practice for caring for your car. If your car is still under warranty, you might even void the warranty by not following the oil change schedule.

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