When to Replace Your Cabin and Engine Air Filters

Your car needs to take in clean, fresh air to function properly. That's where your passenger cabin air filter and engine air filter come into play.

The passenger cabin air filter takes out pollen, dust and mold spores from the outside air, so you and your passengers enjoy fresh air while you're driving. This filter needs to be replaced at a constant interval, however, the exact timeframe depends on your vehicle. Your owner's manual or a knowledgeable mechanic should be able to help out. An engine air filter removes dust, dirt and other particles before the air reaches your engine. As you may imagine, this is a vital feature as dirt and dust can reduce your car's performance and lower gas mileage.

If you've had your filters in your car for a long time and haven't replaced them, you may want to contact Hyman Bros. Kia to have a mechanic inspect and possibly replace the filters.



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