How Do Brake Pads Work?

Disc brake systems use brake pads to apply pressure to the rotors so that the car will stop. These brake systems attach to the front two wheels of your car, while the rotor attaches directly to the wheel as well. Brake pads are made of strong materials that won't melt, as they are prone to wear and tear as you brake constantly. With brake pads, you have to be careful and check them regularly, or else you can cause an accident by not braking fast enough.

Brake pads have different sounds depending on what's going on. A squealing or screeching sound indicates that the brake pads have worn down considerably and need replacing right away. If the brakes pulse when you apply pressure, it could be that you also need to replace the rotors on your wheels as well.

Getting your brakes checked is no big deal, and it could prevent serious damage to your vehicle. You can stop by Hyman Bros. Kia located in Midlothian for a quick brake check.



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