Differences Between Temporary and Full-Size Spare Tires

Flat tires can turn any day into the worst time of your life, but it is not as bad as having the wrong kind of spare tire. There are two main types of spare tire sizes. Most often, a "donut" tire or compact, temporary tire is included with your car at time of purchase. However, you can always negotiate getting a full-size spare tire, which is the second spare tire size.

Temporary, compact tires are smaller than a regular tire and non-specific to manufacturers. They are typically used for emergencies only and can only drive for short-term distances. You can take a donut tire just as far as the service window. However, with a full-size tire, you can almost replace an original tire and achieve the same performance.

When purchasing a spare tire, you can look for "T" on the side. This denotes that the tire is a temporary, compact tire and will not replace an original tire. For more questions, you should talk to Hyman Bros. Kia. Their service department is located in Midlothian and has a great selection of new and used tires for you to use as a spare tire.
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