Transmission Fluid Leaks

Unfortunately, the transmission in any car can fail. There are a few signs that you can listen to and look at if you think that your transmission is going out.

One of the signs that there is a leak associated with the transmission is when you see fluid on the ground. The fluid will be brown or red in color. It's crucial that the transmission maintains a proper fluid level because this is what lubricates the gears so that they can easily shift. If you see fluid on the ground, it could be an indication of a leaky seal or damage in the bell housing. The transmission pan could also be loose or weak.

The service department at Hyman Bros. Kia in Midlothian can check the fluid levels and look to see if there are any leaks. Sometimes, a bolt might need to be adjusted, but if there is a significant leak, then someone in the department can offer the best advice for getting the part fixed.

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