Adding A Special Touch

When you look at your car, you might notice scratches and chipped paint that might not have been there the day before or that you've been ignoring. Instead of painting the entire car, use a small amount of touch up paint to cover the area to give it a fresh look.

Thoroughly clean your car before applying any kind of paint. Use a color that blends with the color of your car so that it's difficult to tell that touch up paint has been used. You can apply primer to the area you're going to paint if you notice that the scratch or chip has reached the metal of your car.

If you're concerned about the appearance of your car, then visit Hyman Bros. Kia in Midlothian so that we can examine the paint and metal before offering the best decision for any repairs. We can help you find the best color that will match the rest of the paint on your car and apply the touch up paint so that it will last on your car.



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