The Complicated Engine Cooling & Radiator System

Adding coolant to the radiator is only a small part of your cooling system, the working parts all must be as one to keep your engine from overheating. These are only a few of those parts that need to be maintained often.

The radiator fan helps move air to the radiator and over little fins that have coolant rushing through them.

The thermostat has to be able to maintain an ideal engine temperature so that all the parts are cooled and the engine doesn't overheat.

The water pump is powered by fan belts that have to be tight and checked for damages so the engine coolant can be moved through the system easily.

The radiator hoses have to be secure and without any issues or they could fail and overheat the engine.

Schedule your cooling system checkup with Hyman Bros. Kia so one of our technicians can maintain all those working parts.
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